Explore the Colorful World of Cannabis through Hand dyed fiber

Making up most of HighDyed’s colorways are Strain Skeins, named and dyed after cannabis strains.  The type, THC content and strain characteristics determine the dye method, base and colors used to produce a very exclusive yarn.  The mood and semblance of the strain is made visible in the skein, resulting in the yarn being as unique as the strain itself.

HighDyed Bases

Denotes strains with <8% THC.

Donegal, 15/85 Nep/SW Merino, 2 ply, 438 yds/100 gr

Denotes strains with 8-12% THC.

75/25 SW Merino/Nylon, 4 ply, 463 yds/100 gr

Denotes strains with 12-20% THC.

80/10/10 SW MCN, 4 ply, 435 yds/100 gr

Denotes strains with 20+% THC.

70/30 SW M/Silk, Single, 438 yds/100 gr

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