FAQs + Contact2019-01-15T20:21:35-04:00
How can I contact you with questions?2019-01-15T20:24:58-04:00

Email is most effective: julia@highdyed.com

I always strive to respond within 24 hours (M-F).

If you email and do not receive a response within 2 days, it may have been missed, reach out to me again! We want to answer ALL of your questions in a timely manner.

Any order-related questions must be addressed through the email you provided on your order for customer privacy.

Do you offer discounts?2019-01-15T19:23:48-04:00

We offer wholesale/tiered pricing for yarn stores and have two sales during the year: 420 Yarn Day and Black Friday. We have an awesome loyalty program where you can earn points to pay for items!

We also have an ongoing shipping promotion for our US customers; US orders $250 – $999 get free shipping!

If you are purchasing more than $999 in product, click here for details.

When will my points for loyalty rewards show up on my account after a purchase?2019-01-15T19:41:53-04:00

Once your order is fulfilled, that is when you will get your rewards points for purchases.

Can I order a colorway dyed to order?2019-01-15T19:43:11-04:00

Most Definitely! If you need 3 or more skeins of the same colorway on the same base, use the “Sweater Quantity” section to get what you want!

ALL SALES ARE FINAL on any dyed to order skeins.

Can you wind my yarn into a ball or “cake?”2019-01-15T19:44:58-04:00

I do not have a ball winding service at this time.

How do I care for hand dyed yarn?2019-01-15T19:58:53-04:00

For best results soak in cold water for no longer than 5 minutes, with 1 teaspoon unscented wool wash. Lay flat to dry. Minimal bleeding can occur on the first few washes (especially with pinks and reds). Using a color catcher is a great way prevent any excess dye from getting on other colors in your project as well.

How we wash the yarn in finishing:

We use Eucalan on all of our yarn. We rinse the yarn twice in water to make sure the water is running clear, and then soak it in Eucalan for 15 minutes. Even with this process, minimal bleeding could occur on the first few washes (again, most likely with pinks and reds).

Scented Detergent:

The reason I recommend unscented, is some soap companies use alcohol-based scents instead of natural scents or essential oils. The alcohol bases can cause bleeding or fading of the dye. The scented wool washes I recommend are Eucalan and Soak,  so please follow the guidelines and care instructions for those specific washes.

Do you collaborate with designers?2019-01-15T20:00:23-04:00

I do! Please contact me! I’d love to hear your ideas 🙂

I have a podcast/blog/Instagram/event coming up, will you donate?2019-01-15T20:24:45-04:00

I am extremely selective on who I send yarn to, it is financially impossible to send yarn to all of you amazing podcasters/bloggers/event coordinator, even though it’s tempting. I know how hard you work at what you do, but please appreciate that we also work hard at what we do.

I do not send yarn to anyone who has solicited me for giveaways. When I do giveaways or send to podcasters/bloggers/designers, it is because I have personally been inspired by those people. Please do not contact me with requests.

Can I use your photos in my podcast/blog/Instagram, etc?2019-01-15T20:03:58-04:00

Most definitely! All of the photos belong to HighDyed under copyright law, so please credit the photos by using my website, Instagram name, or #highdyed. Businesses who would like to use my photos or photographs of my yarn, please see below.

Can I use your yarn or patterns for my business?2019-01-15T20:20:49-04:00

Any yarn purchased, if knitted, crocheted, woven, etc. can be used for your small business! I love seeing makers everywhere use my yarn for their projects or selling the finished items!

Patterns can also be used for your small business to make the item to sell. But, patterns are not to be resold or printed and sold. None of my patterns are available for purchase in yarn stores or as kits. Please purchase my patterns from ravelry.com or highdyed.com.

HighDyed Yarn is not intended to be purchased for resale unless there has been a specific agreement made between Julia Herth of HighDyed and the business reselling the yarn.

Any photos of HighDyed yarn in its original form (in a skein or untwisted) and not knitted, crocheted, woven, etc. can not be used for business purposes unless a specific agreement is made between Julia Herth of HighDyed and that business.

The yarn in its original form is artwork and belongs to Julia Herth of HighDyed and should not be used for business or commercial purposes, including but not limited to photographs of that yarn.

Do you sell to local yarn stores?2019-01-15T20:22:47-04:00

Yes! We have tiered pricing available to yarn stores who are interested in carring HighDyed yarn in their shop! Click here for details.

Send me a message!